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Here are some testimonials from SB-PT clients in and around Tewkesbury area…

“I have just been on a canal holiday, with flights of 12 locks to work, also the dog ran off with me, pulling me about 6ft along the tow-path. Normally I would expect discomfort if not an attack of muscle spasm in my back, but apart from feeling a bit stiff, I was absolutely fine. I am re-starting dance classes this term. Thank you very much!” Linda Cowley, Gloucestershire

“I have been trained by Steve off and on for 3 years, over this time he has helped improve my weight training technique and core stability through introducing me to a variety of new exercises and methods of training. He is very professional and knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him.” Dan

“I have been taking part in kick-boxing tournaments. I noticed I was doing well in the 1st round and the 2nd/3rd rounds I seem to run out of steam. I had to work on my fitness. I contacted Steve Bridgeman. Steve came from a Martial Arts background so he knew exactly what I needed to get fighting fit. Steve and I started meeting up at least once or twice a week working together to improve my fitness. Steve setup fitness drills and incorporated sparring. I really look forward to my sessions with Steve, who is a true professional and self driven which always inspires me. I am very lucky to have Steve as one of my coaches and a great friend.” Sobna Patel, nr. Tewkesbury

“I went to Steve after getting disheartened with my exercise regime. I’d been pounding the treadmill for hours at a time with no noticeable changes to my body shape. Steve designed a fitness plan with no running involved, just circuit training using weights to focus on my goals. I’ve totally changed my way of thinking towards exercise and I’ve definitely got a more positive outlook than I did before. I cannot thank him enough and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wanted to improve their physical fitness.” Becki, Police Community Support Officer

“I suffered a slipped disc in my lower back 7 years ago and was unfortunate enough for the disc to bulge again this year, once the initial pain had subsided I asked Steve Bridgeman if he could help me with an exercise programme to initially gain some balance and movement and then build this up with strength and core stability exercises. My husband and I were also trying for a family and I wanted to ensure that my back would be fit for pregnancy. I gave Steve a report from my doctor about my back problems and his initial assessment was very professionally carried out taking into consideration my injury. I stuck to the programme regularly and it was easy to fit in around work/home life 3 to 4 times a week. The results were fantastic and I was soon able to start building up my strength, my back pain got less and I was then able to start swimming and dancing again, as well as keeping up the exercises. Steve reviewed the programme every few weeks and gave me the motivation to carry on and stick at it, he even organised for me to use an exercise ball to sit on whilst at my desk at work which helped with mobility and core strength. I was over the moon with the results and happy to say that I am now expecting a baby and no back pain. I would definitely recommend Steve and will be asking him to get me back into shape post pregnancy.” Helen Siddiqui, Gloucestershire Constabulary

“Steve is a fantastic trainer who is always friendly, positive and encouraging. He has helped me set realistic goals then produced personalised and comprehensive plans to achieve these goals. The plans have been set out in a way that makes me feel that I am always making progress and as a result I have kept my motivation. Two years ago I suffered a badly broken elbow that prevented me from exercising for six months, with Steve’s support I was able to lose the weight I gained, rebuild my strength and most importantly regain full mobility in my arm. Steve’s training has not only improved my physical fitness, my strength and my flexibility, it has improved my confidence and mental fitness as well.” Matt Knox, Gloucestershire Constabulary

“Having trained and run in several events with no real improvement, I enlisted the help of Steve Bridgeman when I entered a 10k last year. He assessed my physical condition and aspirations, and came up with a detailed 10-week programme. The programme addressed speed, strength, power, stamina, and conditioning and also took account of my lifestyle and other commitments. The training programme was interesting and progressive and I had no problem following it. It was also a massive success as I exceeded all expectations and smashed my PB by over 3 minutes! With Steve’s help I saw a massive improvement in a very short space of time and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.” Simon, Tewkesbury

“I have trained with Steve for a number of years now and have found him to be an excellent trainer throughout. Steve is knowledgeable in all areas of physical training, from strength and conditioning through to nutrition and his depth of knowledge and ability to motivate have led to noticeable improvements in my general health and fitness. In addition to this I participate in a number of combat sports and I have certainly made vast strides in the areas Steve has been helping me with.” Gloucestershire Police Officer

“Following a return to frontline policing Steve tailored a personal training regime to suit my needs. His positivity, professionalism and thoroughness in his assessment and tutoring sessions helped me greatly in getting back to regular physical training. I have already recommended his services to other officers in the force.” Gloucestershire Police Officer

“As an active participant in sport, I have suffered a number of issues relating to my knees and back, including several months out injured. I sought assistance from Steve who spent time assessing the potential problems with my knees and back, before devising a tailor made plan. I have followed Steve’s plan and adapted it into my regular training, as a result of which I am now more able to manage my knee and back issues and as a result have been ‘injury free’ for a couple of years. Steve’s time and advice have greatly assisted and I would highly recommend him.” Tim

“Steve began designing my training programs just under a year ago. Before he designed the first programme I would do intensive months of exercise, injure myself and have to take a month out to recover, getting physio and wearing out my body. Steve didn’t just design a program to make me fitter and stronger, he designed it with my vulnerable shoulder and knees in mind. Since then I have been able to take my exercise to a new level, and begin to achieve my goals. I have not had an injury in the time Steve has been designing my programmes.” Sean, Police Officer

“I contacted Steve aware that the inactive nature of my desk job was taking its toll. I had some personal fitness goals that I wanted to achieve. Following an initial consultation Steve devised a series of easy to use, tailor made programmes which I could follow. As the weeks progressed I could feel the improvements and found the exercises planned to counteract the time spent at my desk to be particularly useful.” Mike, Gloucester

“After, in a moment of weakness, entering a hugely demanding cycling event a training programme from Steve was invaluable in helping prepare for the event allowing me to work around other workplace and domestic demands. In a similar moment of weakness I’ve entered again this year so will be using the programme again” Simon McMillan – Fire & Rescue Service Officer

“After hitting a plateau in the gym, and in rugby I asked Steve for help developing my strength. Within 3 months I was lifting more weight than ever. I had gained the knowledge of how to increase that power and more importantly to maintain it. Alongside this Steve has developed my upper body mobility, educated me in nutrition and given me the tools to better my game.” Tom Davies, Tewkesbury

“I found personal training with Steve to be a beneficial, interesting and informative process. The nutritional information provided was really helpful, and the gym sessions were varied and tailored to my personal needs. Overall an enjoyable experience and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services.” Jo W. near Tewkesbury

“Steve thanks for the work that you have done with my son. The results have
been fantastic and with your help he has achieved everything that he set out
to do. After a long illness he was keen to recover his fitness and agility
and build his strength so he could play a full part in competitive sport
again – which he is now doing. He has really enjoyed the training sessions
and you hit the right balance between recognising the impact of the
condition he was recovering from and giving him the ability and confidence
to move forward. Your guidance and encouragement in support of the training
program you devised for him has seen both the quality and quantity of his
sporting activity improve massively and also, I am sure, put in place good
foundations for the future. Thank you.” Mike. H. Bredon

“I’m really enjoying the training and finding the structured plan easy to follow as I like having my weeks training planned out so i don’t have to worry about what i should be doing and if needed i can easily swap sessions around. I have confidence in the workouts and have noticed a definite improvement in fitness level and body composition. It’s something I’ve been trying to achieve for ages and now finally feel like the hard work is paying off. The trouble is the extra fitness is making me sign up for more and more events and now i’m considering things i wouldn’t have even thought about before. Next year i want to do at least one big challenge which really pushes me so i’m on the look out for something. I’m very impressed with the service you provide and other PT’s haven’t come close to the service you offer as it’s personalized so doesn’t feel like its mass produced and you put up with so many of our questions, moans and general ignorance haha.” Ceri G. Online Coaching Client

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