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Frequently asked questions

A small sample of questions I often get asked…

Will I get lots of abdominal crunches to reduce my belly fat?

Just isolating your abdominal muscles will not turn on a switch that says “burn fat here”. If your goal is fat loss it is highly likely your program will involve resistance training (lifting weights). I will use methods which I know work.

I do not want to get big and bulky. Should I lift the light weights to tone?

No. The weights you lift will be determined by the rep range I specify when designing your personal training program. This will be determined by your goals and training experience. If you are training for fat loss you will not get big and bulky, you may get stronger – that is a good thing.

I can only train once per week, will this be enough?

For a complete beginner to exercise you may see some gains training once per week. It is not as effective as training more frequently. I am happy to work with someone once per week; however they must commit to other training sessions in their own time. Also expect me to be honest…if you have once a week to train, run 5 days per week, have a sugar laden diet that you think is adequate, want massive legs and a slimmer waist, do not want nutritional advice, will not change your training priorities (less running, more weight training) please do not be suprised when I say that I can not help you, if your goal is unrealistic I will tell you.

Can I use the cross trainer and stationary bike in the personal program?

Maybe. Lets be honest; most people are doing this already with very little to show for it. If there are training methods/equipment better suited to your goals we will use them. You will certainly not find me stood next to you chatting whilst you pedal away for 20 minutes…that is not personal training. Also when people ask if they can use certain pieces of gym equipment in the program I question whether they are paying for my skills in planning a training program or paying for a friend to hang out with.

Will you train me at home?

I am able to train clients from Gym and Tonic, near Bredon, Tewkesbury. If there are exercises I feel will be beneficial for you to complete at home these will be planned as part of the service. I rarely visit clients homes for personal training sessions, although if my diary affords me the flexibility to do this and it suits a clients goals I may.

I am currently injured, can you still train me?

I do not treat injuries and I recommend all injuries are evaluated by those who specialise in treatment and rehabilitation. That is not to say I cannot train you once rehabilitation is complete or under the guidance of your physiotherapist. I will also not train anyone in the field of cardiac rehabilitation. I fully recognise what situations I am not competent to train people in and will always refer to other specialists if required. Please do not be offended if I refuse to train you or require more information from your physio or GP.

One of my friend’s Personal Trainers has her doing lots of exercises balancing on one leg on a BOSU whilst lifting small weights, this looks fun, can we do this?

I am sure it is fun if you are in the circus. Ask yourself what measurable change is likely to occur when the surface you are standing on is so unstable that you cannot lift a heavy enough weight? There are rehabilitation benefits to unstable surface training; however I train clients who are past this stage. If I program single leg exercises it will be from a step, bench or the floor…stable surfaces. I am all for having fun whilst training, but “fun” should not come at the expense of results…that is what we are working towards – Results! This is personal training and not entertraining. If you have specific rehabilitation goals I strongly recommend you contact Becky Stone, Sports Therapist.

I play sport, I have heard weight training will slow me down and reduce my flexibility?

Training intelligently with weights can increase your rate of force development /speed, and obviously increase your strength. Increasing strength and speed is a sure fire way to increase your power output. For example in boxing that means you would punch harder as a result of a training program. As for flexibility; weight training through full and safe ranges of motion is more likely to improve your flexibility and mobility. Ronnie Coleman (bodybuilder) could do the splits; and many other strong and muscular athletes have great flexibility levels as evidenced by their exercise technique.

I have this pain in my big toe, what is it?

I do not have a clue. Yes I do get asked questions like this from time to time.

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