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3 steps to success

What happens before a personal training session?

Personal Training is about you and your goals. a new you

I follow a simple yet comprehensive process where each step will lead you towards success. Success is whatever you decide it will be, it is your goal and the reason behind this goal. It is why you want a personal trainer and nutrition coach.  At this stage your goal is likely a physical or tangible goal.

Typical physical goals include- lose body fat, run faster, have less back pain, be stronger

The time has come to make a difference, our body is too smart to allow us to just pursue a physical goal. It will fight it every step of the way, barriers will be thrown up in front of you, temptations will be all too easy. The time has come to rise above these barriers and temptations. You need to turn your physical goal into an emotional goal. Emotion is one of the most powerful characteristics one can have, lets use it! Find your emotion by asking yourself “why”. Why do you want the physical goal? What does it mean to you if you acheive it? How will it make you feel? Why is this so important to you?

Let your emotions create new habits that drive you towards success.


It all starts here…

Step 1 – Verbal consultation

Initially I will have a consultation with you, this is really important for me to get to know a bit more about you. I want to know about any injuries or illness, your day to day life, goals and reasons behind these goals. Nothing is irrelevant at this stage! I want to know what you eat, how often, what training you do and much more. Without such information I may as well be guessing. I have never been good at guessing and that is why I like to base my decisions on evidence. After all this is “personal” training, it is all about you.

Step 2 – Physical Screening

After I have taken a look through your paperwork we will go through a physical screening. This is not as scary as it sounds. This is about seeing how you move, assessing your mobility, or even strength…this assessment is specific to you and your goals. I prefer to meet you in Gym and Tonic, Tewkesbury as that is where we will be training. I want to see how you move, what exercise knowledge and skills you have, get a feel for suitable exercise and program design methods I may use. I may even give you some mobility back that may have laid dormant for years or show another way of moving pain free. Remember personal training is about you and this is my time to find out more about you. 

Step 3 – We start

Having evaluated everything which could also include a food diary, sleep and recovery diary, training diary, analysis of your kitchen, and your physical screening I am now in a position to train you. This is the stage when we meet in the gym and start your personalised training programme. You will also be following the nutrition plan, having identified a suitable starting point. It is from here onwards with constant attention, modification and refinement that we train for results.




Feel free to contact me to further discuss personal training and how I may be able to assist you. For nutrition and training tips follow me on social media here.

3 steps to success March 27, 2012

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