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Looking for a Personal Trainer in Tewkesbury?

I currently have limited availability for Personal Training within Tewkesbury, working from Gym and Tonic. This can include personalised nutrition coaching also depending on your goals. Please be aware I put a cap on how many people I coach, and I have no concerns about referring on to other trainers if necessary.

Personal Training is a popular and proven way to ensure you stay on track towards your fitness goals. It is a fact that you will more effectively with a personal trainer that cares about you. Personal training is more than just having someone count repetitions for you, your mates can do that!

A personal trainer will:

  • Optimise your training time
  • Provide accountability
  • Progress you safely through exercises
  • Understand manipulation of exercise variables like reps, sets, rest intervals and tempo
  • Inspire you to achieve things you never thought possible

Some things you should know about the personal training profession:

I always remember interviewing someone once for a job alongside me as a police Physical Training Instructor (what I do the rest of my week). I recall asking them about their continued development since they entered the fitness profession to which their reply was: “I read mens health every month”. That was not really the kind of commitment to the personal training profession I was looking for and certainly not what I follow! The reality is most people get their training advice from magazines or the internet, they get bombarded with conflicting information from every angle. As a result they chop and change training programs in line with trends…trends do not always equal results and in some cases add to the myths that are rife in this industry. It was interviewing this candidate that made me realise some Personal Trainers never upskill their knowledge. That just is not good enough.

…The results were fantastic and I was soon able to start building up my strength, my back pain got less and I was then able to start swimming and dancing again, as well as keeping up the exercises…Read More

A few things I will NEVER get my clients doing:

  • Standing on inflateable products to add instability to training
  • Sprinting without having built up a foundation of strength
  • Running or cross training for a warm up
  • Sitting on a stationary bike for a warm up when you have probably been sat down most of the day anyway
  • Doing the latest program from a fitness magazine

My Tewkesbury clients train for results

I value education very highly, however I like applying what I learn even more. It is this application of knowledge that makes this an extremely rewarding profession for me. When a client clearly changes their life it makes me realise that there is no better line of “work” to be in.

A little caveat…

I do not just train anyone. It is not elitist, but more being honest. If I think there is another trainer who will better fit a potential clients lifestyle, goals and availability I will refer out. Equally if I meet someone who only wants to do one training session every 2 weeks (yes some people think that is enough) and nothing in their own time they will not achieve their results…I would be wasting their time and mine.

Following a return to frontline policing Steve tailored a personal training regime to suit my needs. His positivity, professionalism and thoroughness in his assessment and tutoring sessions helped me greatly in getting back to regular physical training. I have already recommended his services to other officers in the force.” Gloucestershire Police Officer

I have a simple yet comprehensive process that I will follow intially with clients. You can find out more about my how we get you results here or just contact me directly.


Personal Training March 27, 2012

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