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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching in Tewkesbury/Bredon area?

If you are looking for nutrition coaching in Tewkesbury, Bredon or surrounding areas please read on further…

If you are looking for a quick fix, a miracle weight loss berry, or anabolic tuna found only at 10,000 fathoms in the Atlantic Ocean that guarantees extraordinary muscle growth and fat loss then you have likely come to the wrong place.

Nutrition coaching is offered as an additional service for all my PT clients, this service can be paid for seperately if you are already on top of your training.

Nutrition for fat loss, muscle gain, performance and generally feeling on top of the world!nutrition Bredon

Do you have body fat to lose? Are you currently doing the 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 20 minutes on the recumbent bike, 20 minutes on the stepper, 3 spin classes per week, 4 abs classes and still can not shift the excess pounds? Do you ever wonder why people keep rejoining “weight loss clubs” year after year? Perhaps you have been there, have you noticed how some people come back larger each year?

What about calories? Some people are saying calories dont matter, others say they do! All this contradiction and it is no wonder we end up settling back into our old habits…eating well should be easy and achievable, right? Fat loss is about influencing your bodies internal physiology, getting yourself firing on all cylinders by feeling great about what you are doing!

Do you want people commenting on how good you look in your new clothes? Do you want to feel great, full of energy and have people notice this buzz!

If your trainer is still telling you that you have to eat breakfast (you don’t) telling you never to eat after 7pm, saying just to swap white bread for brown bread…..and then giving you the same blanket advice they give everyone else like eating 6 times per day it’s clear they have never worked with a real client!  If what you had tried did not work in the past what makes you think it will be different now?

A little about me

I was the typical ectomorph build in my teens (skinny) who could eat 6 choc bars a day and not gain weight. I have also been the guy who lost motivation for a couple of years and woke up one morning with those things called love handles! Through effective goal setting, social support and applying what I know I shifted those handles dropping around 10kg of weight. I have likely had many of the experiences you have…temptations at dinner parties, family priorities, no time to shop, little time to cook…things that life throws at us to challenge us. Many years ago in my sugar laden lifestyle I would compete at Tae Kwon Do, sometimes I would be gassed out after 60 seconds. Fast forward many years and I have boxed 3×2 minute rounds, got my ass kicked yet still felt fuelled enough to trade blows. I realised the power of food! Now my motivation is my health, and being there for my family, able to enjoy the experiences we have together. Its amazing what having kids does to your outlook on life right?!

Your nutrition must be a priority

When my car is low on fuel I prioritise filling it up, if I do not it will not get far. I also make sure I put the right fuel in. There are only two choices so it is not that difficult (apart from one time I got it wrong, but thats not relevant!). For us humans we have far too many food choices and conflicting messages from all angles, nutrition coaching is about simplifying those choices to bring about results and performance. You are allowed to eat food! You do not have to live off shakes, air, lemon juice or cabbage!

If you want a diet or miracle weight loss berry please go somewhere else, when you realise that has not worked again then come back. I prefer to look at nutrition as a way to enhance your life. This is about lifelong commitment to your health, not a short term fix!

If this is something that interests you as part of a personal training program please get in touch.




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