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A motivational video

I saw this video over at RossTraining. The strength coach on this video has the husky sounding voice of Mickey, Rocky Balboas trainer. To anyone who has overcome adversity, took on new challenges, experienced tough times, trodden paths where no-one else dare, experienced things others will never get

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Training for pull-ups or chin-ups

Training for pull-ups or chin-ups

As you may know I think variations of pull-ups and chin-ups are some of the best upper-body exercises. I wrote about them on my other fitness site. I will discuss the reasons why I feel some avoid chin-ups, followed by some reasons why you should do them.

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Muscle, maths and monsters

Fear of muscle, lack of knowledge, defeating the beast within [quote] I think I will lift these weights because I do not want to get big and muscular [/quote] I have heard this all too frequently. In fact that quote is exactly what someone said to me

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Corrective exercise – more than just words?

For me corrective exercise is about coaching movement and creating postural awareness. It is building that solid foundation on which future progress is made. I don’t really see that it is vital for this form of exercise to have its own special name….but it seems to be

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