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Fitness equipment for home or travel

Fitness equipment for home or travel

A few clients have asked where they can get a few bits of kit for training at home, or items they can pop in their bags for travelling. So I thought I would put a list together on here, which I can add to as anything else crops up.

Resistance Bands

These can be used for assisted press ups, rows, deadlifts and band walks. Add the door anchor attachment and it allows pulling exercises (single arm rows for example), or assisted press ups to be done from home or hotel room.


Mini Resistance Bands

These are a great option to get the Glutes working. These can be used for band resisted glute bridges, clam shells, or band walks.


Parallel Bars

These bars are suitable for those who like to train more advanced core skills such as L sits, and levers. They are also a great option for those who find press ups uncomfortable on the wrist, and can also be used for straight arm planks (front and rear).


Press Up Bars

With similar uses to the parallel bars but more space saving, portable and affordable. These offer a change in grip that suits many people who do not have the wrist mobility to place hands flat on the floor.


Airdyne Bike

Quite possibly the hardest cycle you will do, the harder you pedal the more resistance this adds! The Schwinn AD8 Airdyne is a robust bit of kit. I’m tempted to buy one for home myself.


Step, Bench and Storage

A little pricy; but if a seperate step and a bench are too space filling this may fill the gap neatly. The rounded edges are a nice touch if using this as a bench also. Alternative options that are cheaper for just a step include the durable Reebok Step.

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