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Nutrition Vlog 31 – 3 reasons you are not losing weight

Nutrition Vlog 31 – 3 reasons you are not losing weight

Not losing weight yet think you should be? Have you overlooked these three reasons?

In what is likely my shortest vlog yet I wanted to cover a few reasons why some people struggle to lose weight.

  1. Alcohol – it contains 7 Calories per gram. Calories still count even if you drink them!
  2. Wiping out the caloric deficit – those odd “cheat days” can soon wipe out your small weekly caloric deficit. Especially the extra beers you forgot about too!
  3. You don’t move as much as you think you do, or perhaps used to in the past.

For point 3, you will use a lot more energy standing than sitting. Its pretty obvious now it is spelled out, but it’s easily forgotten. Add some movement into that and its even higher still. You want that! In fact a person sat down fidgeting will use 2.6 times more energy than someone who sits completely still. So if you know someone who fidgets lots do not discourage it! They may actually be a born fidgeter. I may go into this research a little on another vlog.

The above text says it all really, but I expand a little in my 5 minute vlog! Yes, just 5 minutes! A new PB!



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