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Nutrition Vlog 30 – Why your weight increases when dieting

Nutrition Vlog 30 – Why your weight increases when dieting

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes weigh more when dieting?

You have been doing so well losing weight from week to week, then suddenly….you are hit with the feared and often misunderstood weight gain on the scales. You feel disappointed in yourself. Who wouldn’t? After all the effort you have put into exercising and eating well, why does it suddenly go up?

Well I am here to tell you why that is. I want to reassure you this is normal. I wont to hopefully help you separate your emotion from the scales. I want you to realise you are worth so much more than that number on the scales. Its just a measuring device after all. Remember scales don’t just measure body fat!

Only I cheated. I asked my clients to tell me the reasons why the scales can sometimes show a weight gain. It appears they know quite a lot!

There are lots of things that this weight gain could be down to.

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I hope this helps give you a rational and logical explanation, and allow you to separate the emotion from the scales.


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