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Nutrition Vlog 29 – Maintaining Weight Loss

Nutrition Vlog 29 – Maintaining Weight Loss

In this weeks vlog as my studies with Mac Nutrition Uni continue I tell you about Mr. A. B. This was a guy who went on the worlds most extreme crash diet, losing over 100kg! Do you think he regained it in the 5 years after the study? I also discuss weight maintenance, focusing on a few things that successful weight loss maintainers do including one of my clients.

Mark gave me permission to share this, I hope it helps give others some inspiration of what is possible. Mark is solely responsible for 99.41% of this progress as I explain later.

Note the dates. 

The measure of weight loss success is not in losing the weight, it's maintaining the loss. 

Maintaining the loss is the demonstration of constant application of what has been learnt along the way. 

It represents what truly is a shift in lifestyle. 

How many times have you heard people say "when I lose the weight I will go back to eating normally". 

Until a new normal is defined, this is a flawed approach. 

Acceptance that one doesn't lose weight and go back to eating how they were is key in maintaining the loss. 

Mark has clearly demonstrated this. 

I don't even need to look at what the weight of scientific evidence says about weight maintenance. We can just learn from what Mark has continued to do. 

  • Regular physical activity. This guy fits in exercise several times per week.  
  • Regular monitoring weight and agreeing a range to maintain in.  There have been multiple target weight ranges to hit along the way. This serves to reinforce the behaviours and habits. Each weight range has an upper cap, like a switch that signals it's time to tighten up the diet a little. 
  • Not freaking out if the weight goes up - accepting why it has gone up and knowing when it is and isn't fat gain. 
  • Periods of Calorie tracking
  • Reminders of what has been achieved
  • A strong value in being the best one can be, with the improvements in health that accompany that.
  • Occasional chats to iron out little bumps along the way 
  • Training for the benefits not the Calorie burn (strength, muscle, physical and mental health). 

It's evident Mark has built some muscle along the way too, yes you can build muscle whilst losing fat!

It certainly hasn't been easy. 

Mark works what seems like all the hours. 

And sometimes work and life interrupt training. 

But he does what he can when he can, even if that does mean going for a swim before a gym session or running with his dog

In the morning. 

I can confidently say the reward for Mark is worth it! All his progress is down to his own doing, after all I only see him for one hour out of 168 per week! In other words I give a little support for 0.59% of the time. 

Keep it up Mark. A pleasure to work with you buddy!

So did Mr. A.B. regain the weight he lost? Watch the vlog to find out...


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