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Nutrition Vlog 28 – Counting Calories Book

Nutrition Vlog 28 – Counting Calories Book

This book can help you simplify calorie counting and can be used to aid your weight loss or weight gain decisions

In this weeks vlog I wanted to give a quick review of a few books that came up in a discussion within the Mac Nutrition Mentoring Lab. For those that don’t know, I am studying with Mac Nutrition Uni currently and the mentoring lab is really an adjunct to this, that helps further learning and provide some fresh eyes to give input on any client situations that arise.

Now firstly I just want to add that I don’t feel everyone needs to count Calories. Its a tool that is there to be used when necessary, and depending on the person. However it is quite common that the topic of energy balance does crop up in conversation in both the context of weight loss and weight gain. For many people knowing the energy value of the foods they eat can empower them to make a decision that supports their goal.

These are two books I have recently purchased that can be really useful to visually show someone how different portion sizes influence the energy intake. Because they are visual guides, they work really well for people who prefer that style of learning. They can be used to show how much volume on the plate different types of food can take up, and how much energy you get for this.

Lasagna, pasta, fish pie, risotto, omelette, belgian buns, corn flakes etc….there is so much in there all presented as pictures illustrating different amounts and the energy and macro content of each.





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