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Nutrition Vlog 27 – Tips to improve accuracy and get better results

Nutrition Vlog 27 – Tips to improve accuracy and get better results

Calorie tracking apps – they work if you are accurate!

So you have started to track your Calories because you like to work to a target. A few weeks has gone by and you are eating less than the app tells you to. 5 weeks ago it told you:

“Keep eating like this and you will weigh 5kg less in 5 weeks”.

The 5 weeks has passed and you weigh a little bit more. You are confused and unsure where to go next. It’s things like this that create the illusion that nutrition needs to be complicated. The answer is often simpler than we think.

Calorie tracking apps work very well for some people; certainly those that are driven by targets, numbers and data. Yet, they are only as accurate as the data that is inputted. That is where it goes wrong for many people.

Yet a simple set of weighing scales could solve that:



If you think weighing food means someone is weird or obsessed then you may benefit from questioning that thought, or at the very least re-framing it. Is a behavior that can significantly improve someones quality of life (they lose weight and have more energy to play with their kids) weird? No. Of course it isn’t. It demonstrates a very responsible approach. I discuss this further in the vlog.

I also tell you a simple way of creating your own reference points so that you can more accurately guess the energy intake of the foods you are eating whilst away from home. This is great for those occasions when it really is not appropriate to take your weighing scales with you!

If you are interested in a recipe database where everything is calculated for you  (apart from weighing and cooking obviously!) then check out the recipe system.

Of course it’s not just guessing portion sizes that people trip up on, its forgetting things all together like syrups, sauces and sides!


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