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Nutrition Vlog 26 – Macro Ratios, Meal Timing and Weight Loss

Nutrition Vlog 26 – Macro Ratios, Meal Timing and Weight Loss

In this weeks nutrition vlog I discuss meal timing and macro ratios

This is the 26th vlog as I study with Mac Nutrition Uni and I thought I would cover a few things in response to a conversation I had recently.

I was chatting to a guy who was wondering why he was not losing weight. In such circumstances it’s easy to look for a layer of complexity. By this I mean start looking at your diet through a microscope, trying to find that snippet of evidence as to why the weight may not be dropping.

The solution is sometimes far easier.

The chap was querying his macro ratios and meal timings, with concern that these being “off” were stalling his fat loss. The only way these could stall fat loss is if they negatively affected adherence to a caloric deficit…so made the guy unknowingly consume more by influencing appetite or hunger.

Take a look at the video to find out a few suggestions on how to overcome this.


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