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Nutrition Vlog 25 – The Unseen Part of Coaching

Nutrition Vlog 25 – The Unseen Part of Coaching

And how to go from 1400 to 2000 Calories and lose weight!!

I want to talk in this vlog about the unseen part of coaching. It’s the things that we do as coaches, for the benefit of clients that other people looking on may not see. Its the things that a client may not even know is occurring. Its what 10 years ago I never even considered, yet is so so simple. When you get to the end of this short blog please watch the video. I go into a clients files to show you the real effect of the unseen part of coaching and tell you exactly why someone showed weight loss having gone from 1400 to 2000 Calories.

As I film my 25th vlog as I study with Mac Nutrition Uni, I realise people skills are way more important than many other facets of nutrition.

Yes guys it’s even more important than understanding the role of nutrition in augmenting muscle protein synthesis (that means more muscle). It’s even more important than understanding the many methods of dietary manipulation to further fat loss. You may be thinking what could be way more important than these?! People are more important and that is where the unseen parts of coaching come in to play.

Here is a random picture of a deer.

Ok now I have your attention, are you listening?

Yes I am listening!

Let me explain. Most people when they are looking for a personal trainer have an image in their mind based on what they have seen or experienced. Its their perception and bias created as a result of past experiences. I will have my own bias if I try to explain so let one of my previous clients tell you. Here is an example quote from Matt who I coached for 10 months:

Prior to training with Steve I had a few bad experiences of what I thought PT was. In my unfortunate experience I’ve had PT’s who worked out of my mainstream gym who don’t listen to what you are trying to achieve, who will stand there and watch you work with minimum input or guidance and tell you to do an exercise without telling you why or how it benefits you, further to this I had absolutely no guidance on nutrition or training plans.

From the above which you can read on my personal training facebook page its clear to see that Matt wanted and needed to know the why and how. He wanted and needed further nutrition and training information.

Matt went on to say:

Not only will Steve listen to what you want to achieve, he will also spend the time talking to you about how to achieve it, why are you wanting to change, how committed you are and what your goals are. There is no shouting or high fives in the middle of the gym floor.

That there is a perfect example of the unseen part of coaching. Listening. The more time we spend listening to a client the better able we will be to serve them. It’s a skill that takes practice, and is far more important when it comes to coaching someone towards success than any macro-nutrient split.

A phrase that has stuck in my head, or more accurately a mindset I use when listening is – to listen with unconditional positive regard. This is a state of being non judgemental and accepting and supporting a client. My colleague within one aspect of my work sums this up well and often says – “everyone will always have a reason why they behave and act in a certain way.” Its true. And if we choose to ignore this we are missing a vital part of building effective coach and client relationships.

A nutrition or training intervention is only as good as the clients ability to implement it, and coaching a client towards the right path for them can only happen if you have listened in the first place.

One final quote from Matt:

Steve will regularly check your progress and if something isn’t working for you he is happy to change it, there is no pressure or beating with a stick, he is relaxed and just want to help you achieve YOUR goals in a way that suits you.

That’s another aspect of coaching that is not seen. It’s called being client-centered. In practice it means you can put a client in control of the decisions they make.

As coaches we become the satellite for our clients.

We listen to the direction they are going and what they are saying.

We check we have understood this by confirming their position, and confirming their route.

We accept the route they have chosen, only suggesting alternatives with their permission.

We send them messages that make them aware of where they are, how they are doing, the speed they are going and any road hazards up ahead.

Sometimes they go completely off grid and we have to help them get back on path.

Still keen to see how someone ate more and lost weight?

I thought you were. Watch the video and all will be revealed.



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