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Nutrition vlog 24 – using data when coaching

Nutrition vlog 24 – using data when coaching

Data can help with the coaching process

Knowing what data to use for a client is a vital part of nutrition coaching practice. Some people need to track Calories, others don’t. Some need to track protein, fat, carbs. Others dont. It all depends on what suits the client, and how they are being coached. It is important to also recognize that the methods can change at any point for a client, there is rarely a one size works for life.

Learning the skills to adapt your nutrition to your life is a fundamental part of coaching. To coin a popular phrase – “give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for life.”

So in this video I present an example of some data collected on one of my clients and how I use that data to influence the direction we take things so that they achieve the result they want.

What I do not cover in the video is that we also track hunger, energy levels and sleep – because each of these may influence appetite and may show trends on certain days. So it may show that with 5 hours sleep less training is done, and more food is consumed. That would indicate something to plan for and is all useful information to show people how their environment/life events can influence their nutrition. When people are aware of this they can then start to act on that information.

Hopefully from this video you get an example of a few ways you can monitor progress, and also reassurance that one day of eating more does not ruin a diet. Maybe if you have worried about this in the past and let it derail your progress it could be an option to shift your focus from a daily Calorie target to a weekly target.


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