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Nutrition Vlog 23 – Should I include my exercise Calories?

Nutrition Vlog 23 – Should I include my exercise Calories?

Should Calories from exercise be included as part of your daily energy intake?

I had this question through the other day and it’s a common question when people often set their own Calorie intake, or use the built in ones on apps such as my fitness pal. Now if your deficit is set after accounting for exercise energy expenditure you probably don’t need to worry about it. I say probably because there will be individual circumstances where you may need to – particularly where performance is the goal.





In this weeks video log I discuss the above question and give you a few things to think about.

In the video I also mention how I may set Calories initially so here is an example for a 100kg male, hoping to lose weight, who sits at a desk all day:

Body weight in kg x 24 = Estimate basal metabolic rate
100kg x 24 = 2400
Multiply this by a physical activity level – we will use 1.1 here which would be appropriate for a sedentary desk worker. (This is 1.1 x their resting energy expenditure).
2400 x 1.1 = 2640

Macnutritionuni PAL

Here is an example of Physical Activity Levels that would be used to multiply ones estimate basal metabolic rate by. This is taken from the Mac Nutrition Uni course.










If Paul fit the profile above and he is consuming 1800 Calories per day he will be on a weekly deficit of 5880 (that’s almost a couple of lb of body fat per week). Add more movement here and you can see how we can increase the deficit – resulting in more weight loss.

As you will see from the video it’s not a clear cut yes or no answer with limited information. It depends on the person and their priority (weight loss, performance or both) and from there it’s also influenced on where you are starting from in terms of excess weight. You also have adherence – likely the most important thing that would influence any strategy.

Not to mention other considerations such as how exercise in some people may increase appetite – perhaps adding more food on this day (taking it off one of the other days) will suit that type of person really well.

Anyway here is the vlog and I hope it gives you a little insight into considerations for this type of question.




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  1. Thank you very much Steve this has helped loads. Many thanks Paul

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