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I want to eat normally after I lose weight

I want to eat normally after I lose weight

You may regain weight if you do not redefine your definition of normal

How many times have you heard people say: “When I lose weight I will go back to eating normally?” But what happens if that person has not redefined what normal is? What happens if their current view of “normal” is eating in a way that caused them to gain weight but they haven’t recognised this yet?

For the past 7 days I have ate and lived a lifestyle that is some peoples normal.

I have over consumed. I have said yes to all food. Even when full I have ate a bit more. I have been very sedentary. I have ate out for nearly all my meals. I probably can not recall everything I ate. The result….I have gone from 67.5kg to 73.1kg. Yes that’s right I have gained 5.6kg in 7 days!!! I regained much of the weight in the past week.

Now I am not that concerned for this reason –

The weight on the scales does not define who you are, or take away the things you have achieved.

So I don’t personally have any issues with this. I also recognise it is not all body fat gain.

In January I committed to diet for another photo shoot. You can read about my last diet here.  In terms of this diet it was very successful and it was an interesting time seeing exactly what effect the over-consumption of food post shoot would have. Im not suprised at the weight gain – its kind of what happens when the energy balance equation is tipped in favor of the surplus.

I actually thought it would make for an interesting vlog where I discuss why we may need to redefine our version of normal before we embark on a diet for weight loss, the process of dieting down for a shoot and why the weight was gained, how easy it was to gain it, and why it is not all body fat.

But first lets see the pictures:

The start of the diet

Date: 14th January 2017

Weight: 75kg

Steve dieting start January 2017

Steve back diet Jan 2017







The end of the diet

Date: 9th April

Weight: 67.5kg

Steve Bridgeman personal training snhfoto shoot April 2017









Credit to: , and

If you want an idea of the foods I ate they are all on my recipe database here.

7 days after the diet

Date: 16th April

Weight: 73.1kg

7 days after shoot










The record of my weight since January

weight loss 2017








Its a bit of a long video so I have put some headings below if you just want to hear my thoughts on certain aspects:

Eating normally after losing weight

The effect of 7 days eating to excess

After weight loss there is less of you there, so you require less energy to maintain

Energy return post shoot, and how I felt during the last 7 days eating to excess

The photoshoot

Struggling a month leading up to the shoot

Considerations for others thinking of doing this

Or have a watch of the full video below:



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