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Mac Nutrition Uni – vlog 13 – empowerment in recipes

Mac Nutrition Uni – vlog 13 – empowerment in recipes

Giving you the power to make an informed decision

One of the words that has been used quite a few times throughout Mac Nutrition Uni is “Empowerment”. Or specifically empowering our clients. Its something that I’ve not heard mention on any other training I have done, yet is so so so important.

By giving clients the knowledge, education, support and keeping it factual and evidence based we empower them to make decisions that increase their chance of success. We reduce the risk of derailing their progress. How many people do you know that blame themselves if they could not lose weight going low carb for example? They hear their friends saying its the “best” method, yet they dont succeed and think it is them who have failed. They say “it didn’t work for me, I must have got something wrong.” The reality is it’s the method that failed. How it was presented failed.

We see the same thing with so called “celebrity fitness/diet experts”. They release a book or plan, and hundreds of thousands of people buy it. Those who were successful shout it from the rooftops. Yet those that were not just see themselves as having failed it. And having “failed” another diet plan they become even less empowered. They ate more fat, exercised less and didn’t lose any weight.

Why? Because they had been led down a path that told them energy balance was not important. It is important. It is as important as your health. Get it wrong too far in either direction and it can impact your health.

If this is you it is not your fault.

So this short video is here to empower you to consider the choices you have. One of those choices is where you get your recipes from, and I have just the solution for you.

The book mentioned in the video is available from amazon, just select from the list below:


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