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Mac Nutrition Uni – Vlog 12 – Breakfast and metabolism

Mac Nutrition Uni – Vlog 12 – Breakfast and metabolism

Breakfast and metabolism – does it speed it up?

The last few weeks I have had lectures on Carbohydrate and Fat biochemistry. I have also been exploring discussions within the mentoring lab. The mentoring lab is a closely linked yet seperate part to the MNU cert. Its where we can liaise with various people including Doctors, Dietitians, Researchers, fellow coaches like me, people looking to retrain, others at the top of their game and the Mac Nutrition team. It has a great community feel and support to it, and it makes me feel like part of a bigger team. This is a great feeling to have, and the informative input from all really does help if looking for guidance around certain topics.

I am going to save much of the content for the video, its a quick one this week I promise!

But first a quick question I will answer here, I saw in an online forum recently someone who thought they were not losing enough weight (they were losing some) because their fat or carbohydrate ratios were not exactly what myfitnesspal had told them to eat. That will not have been the reason. It could simply be that they have over estimated the extent of their caloric deficit. Energy balance rules providing you can adhere to it…the ratio of carbs to fat (assuming caloric intake does not change) makes no difference to results. It might if we start looking at satiety, possible under reporting scenarios (not recording the sweets for fear it would show their carbs being too high – yes this happens), or even shifts in water balance/muscle energy stores. With this in mind a little tip for women – compare your weight to the same point in your monthly cycle and maybe consider the average weight for each week in your comparisons. It helps some see the true changes.

In this weeks vlog I just wanted to answer a couple of questions I have had recently:

  1. I read that I should eat breakfast to start my metabolism, is this true?
  2. Should I eat more frequently to speed up my metabolism?

I really hope the presentation is clear and I welcome any and all feedback!



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