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Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 10 – Protein

Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 10 – Protein

I am back from a fantastic Christmas break, so I have a little catching up to do on my Mac Nutrition Uni vlog series. I turned off social media, didnt answer any messages on my phone and used the time to fully recharge. Our festive break didn’t start all too great when our trip to Lapland with friends to see Santa was cancelled due to fog (after several hours at the airport it turned out our plane couldn’t land). We were all a little tired and a bit down after this, apart from the kids who seemed to pick themselves up and were content to be back in the car watching DVDs! A couple days after this we flew to Norway. Fortunately we made it there! We spent a week in a small place in Norway called Beitostolen. It was great fun, and we will be going back! We went dog sledding, airboarding, cross country skiing, snowmobiles, built a snowman, chucked a few snowballs and went sledging.

What was not fun was sharing a room with the kids, and having to sleep on a bunk bed! I was waking paranoid about falling our and landing on Lucy (our youngest, who was sleepgin on a mattress between the two bunks). She kept rolling under the beds and we had to rescue her repeatedly. And its best not to ask about the troll like Santa that gave her nightmares. I slept well when I returned!

dog in norway
Anyway we met this guy (or girl, I didn’t really check!) at a location we were snowmobiling on. He was the guides dog. He was beautiful and so friendly. He was a picture of health.

We managed to go dog sledding too. It was just magical being pulled across a frozen lake and through snow covered forests. We learnt about the importance of being part of the pack, helping the dogs out by running with them and encouraging when needed. We also learnt about their diet.  A mainly raw meat diet, with supplemental fish oil, and a few other foods.

The dogs performed fantastically and all looked so happy and excited to see us. They just looked like really healthy and happy dogs.

Its a nice link in to our recent MNU lectures on protein. I know we are not dogs, and shouldn’t really compare ourselves to animals! However protein is one of those things that people either fear or attach a health halo too. It contains so many benefits that people do not realise, I am talking health related benefits – the very thing we have a large control over.

So in this weeks video log I discuss a couple of  pitfalls of putting a health halo on protein and share two examples of how people gained body fat when they thought they would lose it. I also discuss why its not something to fear, and what I share with everyone who thinks a whey protein powder is like some illegal drug.

Week 10 MNU Vlog – Protein


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