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Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 9 – Health and life

Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 9 – Health and life

I want to live 100 years!

I want to enjoy aging. I want to enjoy the experiences that getting older brings. I want to enjoy seeing my kids grow up. I want to enjoy spending time with my family. I want to be able to try any activity I choose. I want to live for the experiences that we can have on this planet.

That’s my thoughts. I hear people at times saying they are too old. Too old to run. Too old to walk. Too old to have new experiences. I often ask them at what point do they give up on life. At what point do they look at aging as being a negative event.

Age does not have to be a barrier. We dont stop living when we hit a certain number. We carry on. And anything we can do to enhance the quality of this has got to be worth considering.

It’s no surprise that I like spending time with people who have similar views to me. That will actually help me live longer!

Take what I do for a living as an example. I never take for granted that I get to spend time with clients who are investing their money and time in their health, be that through exercise, improved nutrition or a little stress relief and laughter. Note to self, I really must work on my joke repertoire! Another note to self, sometimes a clients enjoyment comes when they punch me, I’m not sure how it got to that stage! Anyway…I get to spend time with people who want to move more, and whilst it may not always feel pleasant at the time they value the contribution that exercise has on their life. So I am surrounded by people who are showing their body what it can do regardless of age. Its great to be surrounded by such people.

Whether we accept it or not, we have some control over our health. We must not leave it too late. We must not take our health for granted. We must give ourselves the best possible chance of success (whatever that means to you) on this earth. We must think of the long term outcomes.

And its this that I discuss in this weeks video. What can we do to increase our chance of the best possible life? To answer this question I discuss the Blue Zones, and if you have not heard of them they may give you a few answers to increased life expectancy, reduced disease and illness and perhaps even more happiness (however we can measure that).



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