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Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 5

Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 5

My family history stops me from losing weight

  • My genetics have given me a slow metabolism
  • I won’t ever lose weight, its genetic
  • I’ve tried losing weight but I can’t, it must be genetic
  • I’ve always been big, I was born this way

These are all self defeating statements. They are things that we could say that stop all progress, and sabotage our efforts.

But are they true?

Can your genes really work against you?

There are genetic and familial influences with obesity. There are genes that reduce our appetite reduction, so basically driving people internally to eat a little bit more. There are varying degrees of adaptability with our metabolisms in that some people move more whilst eating more, others barely change the amount they move.  There are associations between birth rates and weight gain later in life. There are links with gestational diabetes and likelihood of developing adult obesity and type 2 diabetes.

But is this enough on its own to stop weight loss?

Or beyond natures effects can nurture have an influence?

Do we learn that every time we hurt ourselves we can have a nice sugary reward to feel better?

Do we learn that whenever we get bored we can just go and raid the fridge?

Do we learn that every time we have tea at work that we must eat biscuits also because that is what everyone else does?

There are influences within nature and nurture but that is all they are. Influences. They do not make it a certainty that you are destined to remain or become obese.

Whether you have this history, genetics or influences, it will not change the fact that you can still lose weight if you can adhere to a caloric deficit. Adherence is influenced by choosing a method that suits you and following it through. So if you struggle with quashing your appetite eating more satiating foods may help, our genes can’t overcome that choice! That’s down to you.

So that is what I briefly discuss in my Mac Nutrition video log for Week 5.

We had a homework task to film a 3 minute video on one of 6 topics, so I chose that of family history and weight loss.

I also explain a large reason why people who consider themselves weight loss resistant do not lose weight while reporting a very low calorie diet. Despite their thoughts it is not because of their genetics.


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