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Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 4

Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 4

Health – and the role of nutrition.

We are into the 4th week and it is still very much covering the foundations. We are getting some introductions into what is to come, and I guess you could say it is really “piquing” our interest. Essentially I have found these first 4 weeks to be like warming up, getting a bit of blood flow into the brain so we can get a good pump! And I am excited about what is to come.

This week we have been looking at health. Our health is fundamentally the most important thing we carry around with us. Now many people do not actively seek out “health improvement” as a goal. But if we are as nutrition coaches and personal trainers are doing our job right we will adhere to the first rule which is –

First do no harm.

We looked at genetics and what some of the data shows in this field, even going as far as looking into maternal dietary influences on a child. It really is fascinating stuff to think that the person you know now as an adult may have been influenced at a genetic level by their mother diet.

I really did enjoy this lecture, particularly the role that nutrition advice and support play in the Mac-Nutrition 6 facets of health:

Mac Nutrition facets of health

So the theme for this video is very much health related, I discuss...

  • The six facets of health and how excited I was these were covered
  • An example of what can negatively impact these areas
  • The importance of learning weight maintenance and why plateaus should not be framed negatively
  • A random link connecting computer games to dieting.
  • Recognising and learning from previous dietary failures.

Week 4 vlog - Health - and the role of nutrition.


My closing quote:

Your weight loss plateau is an opportunity to practice the methods, behaviours, and skills you need to maintain your weight loss.

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