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Eating more and losing weight

Eating more and losing weight

An honest look at if you can eat more to lose weight

Sat there reading this, is there any reason you can think of where eating more will allow you to lose body fat? Here is one reason from me.

Lets say you weigh 20 stone. You are dieting on 1500 calories. You are losing weight. If you then eat 2000 calories the chances are you will still lose weight. Why? Because 2000 calories is probably still a deficit for a 20 stone person. Its just not as big a deficit as 1500. I really hope that makes sense!

Its probably not the example you were expecting. You probably expected one weird trick that increases your metabolism. What about this for another example?

You weight 20 stone. You are dieting on 2000 calories. You decide to increase your activity levels by walking 30 minutes to and from work each day and moving around at work more, you also start to go to the gym for 45 minutes per day training really hard. You decide to eat 2200 calories per day. The extra activity you are doing likely more than makes up for the extra 200 calories. Why are you losing weight? Still in a caloric deficit.

So no weird trick there. Although timing this extra few hundred calories around training may mean you can train even harder, so another indirect benefit.

But what about starvation mode?

It looks like this! Those guys ate less! They did not get fatter.

Eating less does not somehow cause your body to store more body fat. As you lose weight your body will adapt. If there is less of you there it uses less energy to get by. There are a few other adaptations but no starvation mode. Its a myth and a lie. Its ok, I once believed it too!

I cared so much about clients progressing that when they told me they were not losing fat at 600 calories per day I believed them. Why would they lie? And when they ate in line with the higher calorie targets I set them they started losing weight. It somehow confirmed the bias I had at the time.  Only I know the real reason. Its nothing to do with hormones, metabolism or magic.

So what is the reason someone really loses weight when they say they are now eating more?

That’s what I cover in this video.




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