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Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 3

Mac Nutrition Uni – Learning Vlog 3

Biochemistry – what you really need to know!

Do not be put off by the word “Biochemistry”, I recognise that you as the reader likely do not need to know what a Ribosome is!

This week was a little introduction to Biochemistry – which is the word to describe what happens inside our body everywhere! Its all biochemistry. We focussed in on what is really relevant for a personal trainer or nutritionist, the bits that will be covered in more depth later on in the course.

So I wanted to use this opportunity to simplify the biochemistry of what calories are.

They are really just a unit that measures energy, much like metres is a unit to measure distance. That is it simplified for you!

Anyway, I have had a few people mention to me in passing recently that they have been eating more and losing weight, and they are amazed at how it works. They think their metabolism is speeding up (it’s not).

There appears to be some mass confusion in this area so I wanted to clarify on this video. I have also spoke to people who have tried to eat more like their friends have suggested and they have gone on to gain weight.

I never forget the guy at the gym who told his friend to drink a weight gain shake, thinking it would speed up his friends metabolism…..his friend just gained body fat!

It is clear there is confusion and a little misinformation here. So I will clarify and who you exactly what is happening in this video.

Clue: People are not eating more calories (calorie surplus) and losing weight. Prove to me how that happens and I will gladly eat a dozen mars bars every day (ok maybe not a dozen, maybe one or two!)

So in this video I discuss and show you

  • What is really happening when people say they eat more to lose weight (hint: its not more calories!) – 2min 14 on the video.
  • Just how much food you can fit into 1500 calories including meals and snacks.
  • Just how little food you can fit into 1500 calories, without even considering meals (3 min 34 on video).
  • How knowledge can empower people to make better choices and not be misled.


Week 3 vlog – Biochemistry – the bit about Calories simplified

My closing quote:

Every single one of us in a position of influence should use that power wisely. We should inspire and educate factually, removing bias and misinformation. Together we can eliminate all sense of doubt and confusion in those who choose to be more mindful with their nutrition.

You can follow the link here if you are interested in finding out more about Mac Nutrition Uni.

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