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Gloucestershire Personal Trainers

Gloucestershire Personal Trainers

Searching online for a Personal trainer in Gloucestershire?

Maybe had a bad experience in the past? Perhaps been asked to do things that really aren’t sustainable or you have doubted? There are trainers in Gloucestershire (certainly within Tewkesbury) who can show you how training should be done.

Or you work as a PT in Gloucestershire and you are checking out your competitor’s websites?

Only there isn’t really any competition, or at least there shouldn’t be as I explain here…eventually! There are enough clients in Gloucestershire who value our help, providing we put their needs first and recognise where they are at!

(Please note I have used various census data and what was readily available on google to compile this data)

Gloucestershire stats:

  • Gloucestershire has a population of nearly 858,300 people (2011 data).
  • The United Kingdom has a population of around 64,500,000 (2014 data)
  • Roughly 12.6% of the population is a member of a gym (2013 data)
  • There are approximately 22,000 personal trainers in the UK (2015 data).

Bear with me on some dodgy stats using these multiple sources of data…

  • 12.6% of the uk is equivalent to 8,127,000 gym users. Lets apply this percentage to Gloucestershire.
  • 12.6% of Gloucestershire population is 108,271 gym users.
  • 0.034% of UK population are personal trainers. Lets apply this percentage to Gloucestershire.
  • 0.034% of Gloucestershire population is 292. So on average there are 292 personal trainers in Gloucestershire.

I could be really inaccurate with my stats here and knock 50% off this figure. Why?

Purely because the population density of Gloucestershire is going to be a lot lower than some other larger areas, as I found out from Wikipedia! According to Wikipedia Gloucestershire has a population density of 274 people per km/2. London in comparison has a population density of 5223/km/2.

So the larger cities will skew the data somewhat if we apply a strict average. There are likely more trainers per km/2 within a larger population. Accept I am using my limited maths knowledge here, and most of the time I struggle counting client’s reps! In fact, I don’t count – they count, I coach!

Goerge having fun on the pads!

With this in mind I will keep my maths simple…

So there are possibly 292 trainers to cater for at least 108,271 gym users!

However, let’s say that only 15% of these gym users can afford a personal trainer. That leaves us 16,240 people that maybe can afford a trainer.

So we now have our grossly over estimated 292 trainers in Gloucestershire for 16240 people.

That is 56 people per trainer on a solely 1 to 1 service!!!

We haven’t even considered semi-private training models, online, and the whole range of service provision to cater for different budgets.

One thing that is factual – no trainer can cope with 56 one to one clients. Ever! I highly doubt the level of service that could be provided to this volume of people on this basis.

So there are more than enough clients for everyone…if we look after the ones we have, treat them with the respect they deserve and actually be human. (I have had two people say to me when they get to know me, and their perception of what a trainer is has been changed – “Steve, it’s so nice you are human!”)

So with more than enough clients for every trainer I really shouldn’t get clients that travel across the county to me – Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stow. I am very pleased they do, particularly as their progress is awesome. But it shows they have been let down in some way by a previous trainer or in some cases trainers….

Gloucestershire Trainers – are you delivering a quality of service your clients deserve?

What I have heard genuinely shocks me.

** Before I go on I only ever hear great things about Tewkesbury personal trainers – such as the team at Target Active Fitness, and I am obviously biased towards myself and Chris at Gym and Tonic.**

Here are some recent and not so recent examples from across the county:

  • Trainer always turning up late
  • Trainer forgetting to turn up for booked sessions
  • Trainer telling client “I haven’t trained yet, so you can train with me!”
  • Trainer telling client “eat more to lose weight” – client then put weight on!
  • Trainer texting on their phone whilst client is training.
  • Trainer telling client they need to take a concoction of supplements (that do nothing) to lose weight.
  • Trainer spending the whole session telling the client about their relationship problems.
  • Trainer telling client “I haven’t planned anything so I thought we would just train biceps together”
  • Trainer putting client on cross trainer and saying “we will just do this today” and then walking off.
  • Trainer telling client “You can watch me train today!”
  • Ridiculous amount of jumping causing muscle soreness for 7 days, subsequently negatively effecting their main training goal.

I think back to when I graduated 14 or so years ago. I thought I knew everything! I didn’t. I made a lot of mistakes. There were certain things however that I just wouldn’t do because I knew it wasn’t right.

I see first-hand how an effective and competent trainer can inspire people to love their body for what it can do.

Eyes solely on the client (awesome goblet squat by Stu)

There is no competition as a trainer in Gloucestershire

Every trainer in Gloucestershire has the potential to earn a living by helping people. People are more confused than ever, they are bombarded with more mixed messages and advertising than ever. They feel more stressed than ever as a result of constant information overload. They need someone to take that stress away, give them a great experience and help them be a better version of themselves.

There are enough clients – at least 56 for each of us! There are enough business models that you can apply that your audience will invest in. There are enough people that you will enjoy training that will benefit from your service.

Are you a personal trainer? Do you recognise that you can step your game up? I strongly recommend that you invest in You will connect with so many people at the top of their game, and have access to a lot of knowledge upgrades!

My commitment to you (the client)

So here is my commitment. If you have had a bad experience with a trainer in the past and you want to see that not all trainers are like that then please get in touch.

It is unlikely I can take you on as a client at the time of writing this....but I will gladly eradicate your previous bad experiences with a trainer and show you that there are trainers that genuinely care and want to deliver a great service. Not only that, but I will gladly find you a trainer within your area that will put your needs first.

With great trainers networking together we can all improve the impression of the personal training profession, and ensure that all clients are delivered a first class service.

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