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Welcome to Steve Bridgeman Personal Training

Tewkesbury personal trainer; Steve Bridgeman can coach you on nutrition, training and recovery. Optimising these three areas is a sure fire way to feel better about yourself and importantly to have others notice the change. Train for results.

"I am passionate about helping you perform better in your home, sports or occupation and as an added side effect look better on the beach and importantly feel awesome!".
"With Steve’s support I was able to lose the weight I gained, rebuild my strength and most importantly regain full mobility in my arm. Steve’s training has not only improved my physical fitness, my strength and my flexibility, it has improved my confidence and mental fitness as well."
-Matt Knox, Gloucestershire
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Personal Training

You are an individual and require training methods and an exercise selection that suits you and your needs! You deserve a level of coaching and attention centred around your performance goals. You deserve to rise up from your bed with vigour, walk along the beach with pride, complete daily tasks with ease and feel great in those new clothes.

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Personal Nutrition Coaching

The face of dieting has changed, generic meal plans do not work for everyone! Maybe you have tried diets, added points, counted calories and failed? Maybe you have avoided certain foods and then binged? It is time for something sustainable. Have you tried a habit based approach, or a level of coaching specific to you? No lotions, potions or magic berries just real food for your results! Welcome to Personal Nutrition Coaching, included for all clients.

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Training Your Thoughts

Part of being a personal trainer is the ability to recognise when clients will benefit from other specialists. This is where Hadassah comes in. It is all very well training the body and eating well, yet at times our mind needs nourishment to. I recommend anyone who requires help in this area to try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Hadassah.

I have trained with Steve for a number of years now and have found him to be an excellent trainer throughout. Steve is knowledgeable in all areas of physical training, from strength and conditioning through to nutrition and his depth of knowledge and ability to motivate have led to noticeable improvements in my general health and fitness. In addition to this I participate in a number of combat sports and I have certainly made vast strides in the areas Steve has been helping me with. Gloucestershire Police Officer Read more...

Steve will:

  • Coach nutrition at a level appropriate to you
  • Plan training in advance specific to you and your needs
  • Inspire you to create new habits to reinforce the lessons in the gym
  • Progress you beyond your comfort zone, yet within your limits.
  • Use evidence based resistance training methods to get results
  • Continually invest in education and development to deliver the best service to clients

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